The Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism

The Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism“, (coauthored with Robert W. McChesney, Foster listed first), Monthly Review vol. 62, no. 10 (March 2011), pp. 1-30. DOI: 10.14452/MR-062-10-2011-03_1

The United States and the world are now a good two decades into the Internet revolution, or what was once called the information age. The past generation has seen a blizzard of mind-boggling developments in communication, ranging from the World Wide Web and broadband, to ubiquitous cell phones that are quickly becoming high-powered wireless computers in their own right.… The full impact of the Internet revolution will only become apparent in the future, as more technological change is on the horizon that can barely be imagined and hardly anticipated. But enough time has transpired, and institutions and practices have been developed, that an assessment of the digital era is possible, as well as a sense of its likely trajectory into the future.

  • Bangla language edition in Bangla Monthly Review, September 2012.
  • Turkish translation in Monthly ReviewTurkish edition, no. 28 (Istanbul: Kalkedon), pp. 57-89.


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