The Ecological Revolution

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The Ecological Revolution: Making Peace with the Planet,” (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2009), 319 pp.

The roots of the present ecological crisis, John Bellamy Foster argues in The Ecological Revolution, lie in capital’s rapacious expansion, which has now achieved unprecedented heights of irrationality across the globe. Foster compellingly demonstrates that the only possible answer for humanity is an ecological revolution: a struggle to make peace with the planet. Foster details the beginnings of such a revolution in human relations with the environment which can now be found throughout the globe, especially in the periphery of the world system, where the most ambitious experiments are taking place.

This bold new work addresses the central issues of the present crisis: global warming, peak oil, species extinction, world water shortages, global hunger, alternative energy sources, sustainable development, and environmental justice. Foster draws on a unique range of thinkers, including Karl Marx, Thomas Malthus, William Morris, Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Rachel Carson, Vandana Shiva, and István Mészáros. The result is a startlingly radical synthesis, which offers new hope for grappling with the greatest challenge of our age: what must be done to save the earth for humanity and all living species.

  • Winner of the Greald L. Young Book Award of the Society for Human Ecology, 2010.


  • Edited French-language editon, entitled Marx Écologiste. Amsterdam Press, 2011, includes chapters 8-11.


  • German translation Hamburg: Laika-Verlag, 2012.
  • Bangla translation being published in India by Cornerstone Books, Kharagpur.
  • Final chapter reprinted in Briarpatch magazine, July/August 2009.
  • Korean translation being translated by Dae-Han Song for the Korean Alliance of Progressive Movements.
  • Chinese translation forthcoming from Renmin Press.

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