What Is Monopoly Capital?

What Is Monopoly Capital?Monthly Review vol. 69, no. 8 (January 2018), pp. 56-62. DOI: 10.14452/MR-069-08-2018-01_5  [HTML]

“Monopoly capital” is a term for the new form of capital, embodied in the modern giant corporation, that in the late nineteenth century began to displace the small family firm as the dominant economic unit, marking the end of the freely competitive stage of capitalism.

  • Published in Polish in Realny Kapitalizm. Wokót teorii kapitału monopolistycnego (Real Capitalism: Exploring Monopoly Capital Theory), edited by Grzegorz Knoat and Przemysław Eielgoz (Warsaw: Instytut Wydawniczy Książka i Prasa, 2017), 15-31.


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