The Meaning of Work in a Sustainable Society

The Meaning of Work in a Sustainable Society,” Monthly Review vol. 69, no. 4 (September 2017), pp. 1-14. DOI: 10.14452/MR-069-04-2017-08_1 [HTML]

The idea of total liberation from work, in its one-sidedness and incompleteness, is ultimately incompatible with a genuinely sustainable society. The real promise of a system of labor beyond capitalism rests not so much on its expansion of leisure time, but rather on its capacity to generate a new world of creative and collective work, controlled by the associated producers.

  • Earlier version published by the Center for the Understanding of Sustainable Society, University of Surrey, March 2017.
  • Spanish translation in Sinpermiso, April 1, 2018,,. Dutch and French translations, 2017 in


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