Ecology Against Capitalism

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Ecology Against Capitalism,” (New York: Monthly Review Press 2002), 176 pp.

(Consists of previously published articles/chapters on ecology and capitalism written between 1992 and 2002.)

Within these debates on the politics of ecology, Foster’s work develops an important and distinctive perspective. Where many of these debates assume a basic divergence of “red” and “green” issues, and are concerned with the exact terms of a trade-off between them, Foster argues that Marxism — properly understood — already provides the framework within which ecological questions are best approached. This perspective is advanced here in accessible and concrete form, taking account of the major positions in contemporary ecological debate.

Foster’s introduction sets out the unifying themes of these essays to present a consolidated approach to a rapidly-expanding field of debate which is of critical importance in our time.


  • Indian edition (Kharagpur, India: Cornerstone Publications, 2003).
  • Korean edition by Chaekalpi Publishers, 2007 (contains new preface to Korean edition by author).
  • Bangla edition, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Shrabon Prokoshani, 2008).
  • Portuguese translation forthcoming from Expressao Popular, 2015.
  • German translation, Hamburg: Laika-Verlag, 2013.
  • Chinese translation by Geng Jianxin and Song Xingwu, (Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2006).
  • Greek translation, Metaixmio Editions.

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