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Henri Lefebvre’s Marxian Ecological Critique

“Henri Lefebvre’s Marxian Ecological Critique: Recovering a Foundational Contribution to Environmental Sociology” (coauthored with Brian M. Napoletano, Brett Clark & Pedro S. Urquijo), Environmental Sociology, DOI: 10.1080/23251042.2019.1670892. [PDF] French Marxist sociologist, Henri Lefebvre, was one of the foremost social theorists of the twentieth century, celebrated for his critiques of everyday life, urban revolution, and the […]

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Making Space in Critical Environmental Geography for the Metabolic Rift

Marx’s concept of metabolic rift has emerged as a prominent theoretical framework with which to explain the socioecological crises of capitalism. Yet, despite its relevance to key concerns in critical environmental geography, it has remained marginal within the field. Here we address this by distinguishing between metabolic rift theory and two predominant Marxist approaches in […]

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