Paul M. Sweezy (1910-2004)

Paul M. Sweezy (1910-2004),” Routledge Handbook of Marxism and Post Marxism, ed. Alex Callincos, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Lucia Pradella, ed. (London: Routledge, 2020), 503-510.

[Revised ,expanded, and updated version of previous dictionary/encyclopedia articles on Sweezy and his influence.]

Paul Marlor Sweezy (1910–2004) was one of the most accomplished economists to come out of Harvard in the 1930s. His The Theory of Capitalist Development: Principles of Marxist Political Economy (1942) is often considered the foremost work of its kind. After the war, he left his position at Harvard and co-founded with Leo Huberman the magazine Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine, which he continued to edit until his death. He made important contributions to the analysis of monopoly capitalism, imperialism, the transition from feudalism to capitalism, value theory, economic crisis and stagnation, post-revolutionary society and many other areas.

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