The Epochal Crisis

The Epochal Crisis,” [PDF], Monthly Review, vol.65, no. 5 (October 2013), pp. 1-12. DOI: 10.14452/MR-065-05-2013-09_1

It is an indication of the sheer enormity of the historical challenge confronting humanity in our time that the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, sometimes now called the Second Great Depression, is overshadowed by the larger threat of planetary catastrophe, raising the question of the long-term survival of innumerable species—including our own. An urgent necessity for the world today is therefore to develop an understanding of the interconnections between the deepening impasse of the capitalist economy and the rapidly accelerating ecological threat—itself a by-product of capitalist development.

  • German-language translation Das Argument 305 (2013): 871-80.
  • Spanish language translation by Carlos Valmaseda in Mientras Tanto (May 2014)


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