Braverman and the Structure of the U.S. Working Class

Braverman and the Structure of the U.S. Working Class: Beyond the Degradation of Labor,”[PDF],(coauthored with R. Jamil Jonna, Jonna listed first), Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journalvol. 26 (2014), pp. 219-36. DOI10.1007/s10672-014-9243-4.

The fortieth anniversary of Harry Braverman’s Labor and Monopoly Capital is the occasion here for a reassessment of his work as a whole. Braverman’s analysis of the degradation of work is shown to have been only a part of a much larger argument he was developing on the structure of the U.S. working class. Building on his pioneering empirical research into occupational composition, a new empirical assessment of the structural evolution of the U.S. working class over the last four decades is provided, throwing light on current problems of unemployment, underemployment, and socially wasted labor—and the rights of labor.

  • Italian translation (of “Beyond the Degradation of Labor“) in La Sinistra Rivista (January 2015).
Reprinted/ Revised:

as “Beyond the Degradation of Labor: Braverman and the Structure of the U.S. Working Class,” [PDFMonthly Review vol. 66, no. 5 (October 2014), pp. 1-24

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