The Vulnerable Planet Fifteen Years Later

The Vulnerable Planet Fifteen Years Later“, Monthly Review vol. 61, no. 7 (December 2009), pp. 17-19. DOI: 10.14452/MR-061-07-2009-11_2

The original intent of The Vulnerable Planet, when it was first published fifteen years ago, was to provide a brief historical materialist analysis of the development of the global ecological crisis, beginning with the early civilizations and leading up to the monopoly capitalist society of the late twentieth century. Looking back now at the book as it was originally written—and at the second edition published five years later, incorporating a few minor changes plus an afterword—I see no major point on which the analysis has proven to be substantially wrong or where it needs significant revision. Nevertheless, the last decade and a half has witnessed an acceleration of history with respect to the human relation to the environment, adding force to the concerns that the book expressed.


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